NJ Permits provides online access to the entire building permit process for both contractors and Code Officials in the State of New Jersey.  Getting and managing building permits has never been easier. Your Online Access to the Permit Process
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Our Website is dedicated to helping consumers navigate the building permit process in New Jersey.

Take a guided tour of our form service.

We have assembled a collection of useful listings and links, to provide information and a modern method of communication, for both sides of the "construction counter".

For consumers, we now offer an application form service, free of charge. Save trips to the town hall; print the blank forms from your desktop.

If you are a repeat user of the New Jersey permit process, we also offer contractor memberships in our system.

All trades, all New Jersey forms

Check with your local code officials for the number and type of forms required for larger projects.

NOTE: Some New Jersey towns still require 3 copies of each form, but most accept a single page application in the correct format.

Check out the e-advantages now available to New Jersey contractors.

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Our exclusive on line form service provides the basic New Jersey trade applications for download or printing. Take a guided tour of our form service.

Save time and trips to the town hall, become a member of our service and obtain your forms at your convenience.

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